Loan despite debts

It has become almost modern to buy his furniture, the new computer, a trip or whatever. Dealers and mail order companies offer installment payments. Even the banks do not stingy with loans. At some point the point is reached where the consumer has taken over. Month after month it gets harder to raise the installments. It may sound illogical at first, but whoever is trying to get bogged down should take out a loan despite debts.

Save money with a loan

Save money with a loan

In the tempter, to pay their rates always on time, many consumers despair. They have simply taken over. If the Dispo then also exhausted, you have no nest egg more. If it did not come to a late payment, then the credit rating should not be damaged yet. Before this happens, a loan should be taken despite debt.

With a good private credit information and a good income, the banks make no debt with a loan. You will also see over the overdrawn current account. This time is a good opportunity for a loan despite debt. In one fell swoop you have all the payment obligations combined in one total. This creates financial freedom, because at only one installment a month, the borrower has more of his money.

Save money by borrowing

Save money by borrowing

Saving money is also possible with a loan. For each individual installment contract or credit, interest is charged. But if a loan is taken in spite of debts for debt reduction, then interest only once. Whoever finds a cheap bank can save twice as much. Loan calculators on the internet show the best results and the consumer can directly apply for a loan.

The concept can be thwarted with a negative private credit however. The problem in Germany is the private credit, which has often prevented a loan from being taken in the past. The reason for this is that a negative entry occurs immediately as soon as an invoice is no longer paid on time. Anyone who has already gotten bogged down knows the problem. The financial institutions refuse a loan.

Seek debt counseling


If the bank no longer gives credit, then only help the debt counseling on. It may be from there the proposal of personal bankruptcy. But that does not mean that the bank then forgives a loan despite debts. Debt counseling will work together with the debtor to defuse the situation. The creditors may also be contacted to propose an installment or settlement. In case of emergency, the application may also be followed by a personal bankruptcy.

It should be mentioned at the outset that there is no personal bankruptcy loan. In private insolvency, the attachable part of the income is transferred to the different creditors. After a period of three years, the debtor is completely freed from his obligations, regardless of the residual debt.

Who wants to avoid this, should not burden yourself with too many loans a month. Meaningful is a renunciation. Besides, it does not always have to be virgin, bought by installments. In the advertising markets, there are many used and good things that are delivered particularly cheap. You do not need to take a loan for that.

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